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    Meet the most loved healthcare platform
    MRS is changing the way doctors manage medical records and provide
    services in hospitals, clinics, practices big or small.
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    A solution for every specialty
    “We love the template setup in IntelleChart. We can individualize
    each of the doctors within the practice, so we have five templates
    for five doctors, and we can add and subtract things as needed.
    IntelleChart just understands what ophthalmologists
    need in their practices.”
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    Everything you need, all in one place
    Our complete platform includes all the functions and features to help you
    run a successful practice and deliver outstanding patient care.
The #1 Internet-based electronic health record platform for doctors and patients

Not only is your data highly secure and completely isolated from other customer's, you can further define fine-grained role based authorization rules to control access for your staff.

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See more patients.
Collect more money.
Generate more revenue.
Total Paperless Work..

Support your staff's entire practice workflow including managing patients, uploading documents and sending secure process.

For clinics that are not ready to move to a complete paperless solution, but need a tool that will track their patients’ appointments and billing codes, we offer Billing and Scheduling with out credit card, a simple but powerful appointment book and billing system.

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Why MRS?

With our deep industry expertise, we’re keeping the nation’s health care providers informed and ahead of change.

MRS is easy to learn and easy-to-use. Its intuitive design puts patient and practice data at your fingertips.
We offer plans for any budget. MRS runs in the Internet, saving you money. There is no need to invest in servers or other expensive hardware.
Our easy-to-use software simplifies your practice management and billing operations. See patients. Get paid. It's that simple.
Check on your practice from anywhere. Use MRS Mobile to make changes while seeing a patient and update your records without returning to a computer.
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